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Coaches practice concussion safety with young players

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As football season approaches, one of the main concerns for players is head trauma and concussions.

Coaches and trainers who work with young players say they do their best at making sure helmets are fitted right for their players.

Coaches say they make sure every player's helmet is adjusted properly to keep them from getting hurt.

They say even though football is a contact sport, they teach players proper drills and focus on avoiding head-to-head contact with other players.

Coaches say safety is a crucial part of a hard-hitting game.

"We try to do a good job in exercising that with the kids running drills and things of that nature, so pretty much at the end of the day its all instincts, so we try to prevent it, but it is football. It's a dangerous game," coach Curtis Jones said.

Coaches say if any parent or guardian is unsure about buying the right equipment for their child, to ask a coach or someone who knows about football to get the best advise.