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Family of suspect charged with death of Mingo Sheriff alleges rape prompted shooting

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Leslie Maynard, brother of Tennis Maynard, said, "I love him and I uphold him one hundred percent. I back him one hundred percent.  What he says is the truth.  He's not lying."  

Tennis Maynard appeared in court Tuesday to set a trial date for charges that he shot and killed Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum in April.  

The entire county was in shock, but this time around, it wasn't the death of the Sheriff that was causing shock waves in the courtroom, it was the allegations made by the suspect's family.

"Eugene raped him," said Melvin Maynard, the suspect's father.  "Eugene molested him.  That'd give me the damn right to kill him."

Tennis Maynard's father and brother allege the Sheriff sexually molested the suspect, and that led to the shooting.  

Leslie Maynard said, "Six or seven months ago, he tried to file charges, and they just throwed [sic] it away."

Officials in Mingo County said they are aware of the allegations.

Chief Field Deputy Dave Rockel of the Mingo County Sheriff's Office was in the courtroom Tuesday.  He said, "I'm sure that it's been looked at very carefully.  I don't believe there's any merit to that.  That's me, I don't believe that there are.  The evidence will stand at it's face value.

Others can't talk specifics, at least not yet.  

Michael Sparks is the Prosecuting Attorney of Mingo County.  "We've investigated what would be perceived as unfavorable evidence, or unfavorable allegations, as well as well as favorable allegations," Sparks said.  "The rules prohibit me from publicly discussing the evidence or what my opinions of what the evidence is."

In the meantime, Leslie Maynard said time will tell.   "Wait till the trial.  My brother will tell everything."

Another twist in a case that now has the attention of many.

Maynard's trial date was set for December 9.