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Attempted abductions put community on edge, give reason for forming neighborhood watch

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Herchel Yates's 17-year-old niece came running to him, saying a man in a white SUV followed her and tried to talk her into the car on 18th Street in Kenova.

Yates fears the man might still be around here.

"He might be sitting up there on a side street or something, watching, waiting," says Yates.

Police say in this latest case, he could have been a guy just trying to flirt, or may have been genuinely lost.

"'Cause you never know," adds Yates. "It might have been somebody asking for directions."

Police say, regardless, the teenager did the right thing, by running home, and having her family call police.

"We have great concern for the community, especially the children," says Kenova's new police chief, Ray Mossman.

He takes these reports seriously.

"Obviously, the kids are on alert," says Chief Mossman. "And they did the right thing, by running home to their family."

The people that have been trying to organize this community for years, say the community might be able to make something positive out of these recent events."

"I'm just trying to help the neighborhood is all I'm trying to do," says Raymond Perkins, self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman in the area.

He says the two recent reports of attempted abductions, and the now-regular reports of burglaries have people paying attention.

Yates is trying to get neighbors and police together to tackle crime, and really any threat to local children.

"They need somebody to call in and report it," says Yates. "Don't just sit there on your front porch, and talk about it with your neighbors."