Move-in day at the University of Charleston


Hundreds of students said goodbye to their parents and hello to residence hall life during freshmen move-in day at the University of Charleston.

Some rain early in the morning created a few challenges for families, but later the skies cleared and it was an easier process.

The students said they were excited to start a new chapter in the educational life as they settled in on campus. "It feels absolutely insane. I had no idea that it would be this overwhelming but it's in a good way," said Bethany Kinder, a freshman from Charleston.

Her biggest concern on Friday was making sure that she got a good start on the first day of classes. "Hopefully I can just find the first classroom. That's my goal, on Monday to find the first classroom,"

Some parents had trouble letting go as it came time to say goodbye. "Hopefully we id our job and prepared her. I am proud of her. She's always excelled pretty good in school and just hope it continues and praise God for that," said William Kinder.

Students were treated to a Freshman Fiesta outside of Brotherton Hall on Friday evening where they had a chance to meet faculty over a free meal.

Classes begin on Monday, Aug. 26, at the University of Charleston.

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