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People concerned about gravel slipping around railroad tracks in South Charleston, WV

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Gravel base slipping on train tracks in South Charleston, WV Gravel base slipping on train tracks in South Charleston, WV

The recent rain has had some unintended consequences for people living near a set of railroad tracks in South Charleston, WV.  Now, they are concerned for their safety.

The Rock Lake Drive area of South Charleston was hit hard with rain and flooding last week.  Neighbors tell 13 News some of the gravel around the railroad tracks slipped into the creek, clogging it up.

"The whole hillside has fell in. The tracks are all gravel, and the creek isn't moving at all. It's stagnant," one neighbor said.

Neighbors are also worried a train could derail if enough gravel slipped away.

Mayor Frank Mullens said CSX owns the property surrounding the tracks. He said the city is working with CSX to keep the creek clean.  However, the city cannot do anything about the slips because it's private property, he said.  Mullens also said the city engineers met with CSX to discuss the slips. He said the slips do not pose a danger to people in the area.

Neighbors said they just want the mess cleaned up.

"I want them to come and clean this whole creek out. I want them to stabilize this bank so that the train does not fall and no more gravel can come down."

CSX has not returned phone calls made by 13 News.