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Police searching for suspect after meth lab discovered in Sissonville, WV

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Evidence found inside the RV Evidence found inside the RV

The Charleston Police Department and the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department are searching for a suspect after a meth lab was discovered in Sissonville, WV.

Police say two officers went to a mobile home to talk to a witness in an unrelated investigation when they smelled something suspicious and stumbled upon a meth lab inside the home.

Neighbors say this is not the first time the mobile home has smelled.

"I was in the house, one of my boys had come in and said mom I smell something outside it smells bad. I can't play outside because it smells that bad," said Lewis.     

Authorities on scene are still gathering information on the owner of the RV but they say this may be his seventh meth lab.  Lizzie Atkinson says it's her brother, Lawson Moss, who owns the RV.

"My brother has been busted before," said Lizzie Atkinson, who lives across from the RV.

She says her brother has been arrested six times on drug related charges.  But this time, she was surprised.

"I was just up there with my brother and I saw nothing and smelled nothing so yeah I was very shocked," said Atkinson. 

For others in the neighborhood, this bust was a relief.

"I'm actually glad this happened so it could be done with it.  I would feel more safe, my children would feel more safe and it would be a lot better around," said Lewis. 

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department is also working on the case.  Deputies say the investigation into exactly who was cooking meth is expected to last a couple days.