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Injured tow truck driver still recovering a year after WV State Troopers killed in Clay County

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Frank Massey holds his dog Chewy in his Clay County home. Frank Massey holds his dog Chewy in his Clay County home.

Frank Massey said, "I feel that I'm a survivor, not a hero."

Massey pulled up to the scene just off Interstate 79 at the Wallback exit on August 28, 2012 to tow Luke Baber's truck after Corporal Marshall Bailey and Trooper Eric Workman had him in custody.  When Massey got there, Baber had already taken Bailey's gun and shot both the Troopers.  Massey said Baber was eerily calm.  "He approached me and asked me if I could leave the truck there.  That it'd been a misunderstanding and that it was his dad's truck and that he had it out without his permission.  I told him that was up to the officers," he said.

Massey went to talk to the troopers, his personal friends, to find out what they wanted to do about the truck.  He said, "I approached the cruiser, looked in the window and found both officers unresponsive.  I turned around and asked him what was going on.  That's when he shot me."

Baber shot Massey in the left arm.  He said he heard two more shots as he was running to his truck to flee the scene.  Massey said he got on his radio, telling anyone listening that officers were down.

A year later, he says things haven't been easy.   "A lot of pain, a lot of emotions, ups and downs," he said.

Many in the community have been quick to call Massey a hero.  He said that isn't the case.  "If I'd of been a hero I would have tried to get rid of him," he said.  "Hero's are soldiers and people like that who protect our freedom."

Massey said the tragedy affects more than just the people directly involved that night.   "It's going to be a long healing process, not only for myself but for the community and for the parent's of both of these men who died horribly," he said.

Massey said he's back at about 40 percent usage of his arm.  He had an appointment in Morgantown today with a specialist because of nerve damage and scar tissue issues.  He said he was told by doctors that they cannot do anything at the point.  

Massey said he is remaining hopeful.  He went back on the job just weeks after being released from the hospital.