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Bank security warns of possible phishing scam in Logan, WV

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People in Logan County, WV are getting a warning from their local bank to be on the lookout for a phishing scam.
Greg Wilson is the assistant vice president and security officer at Logan Bank and Trust.
He said some customers have reported receiving calls from a person claiming to be from Social Security. The customers said the caller already has their name and part of their address when they call. The caller has then been telling customers that Social Security is issuing new cards and needs to know their full address and bank information. Customers told Wilson the caller is also asking how much money they have in the bank.
Wilson said so far all of the customers he has heard from have refused to give out their personal information, and their accounts have no been affected.
One customer said she tried to get a number to call the person back and the person eventually disconnected the call.
Wilson said if someone receives a call of this nature they should refuse to give out any personal information and hang up.