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WV Supreme Court moving in right direction

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For generations, the West Virginia Supreme Court has been occupied by activist judges who put ideology and politics over fairness and equality. Decisions handed down by the court were a curious mix of peculiar legal interpretations and painfully obvious judicial activism. Fringe idealists held sway, and the more moderate voices were too-often marginalized. The end result was that no one could get a fair shot in front of the state's highest legal body.

Thankfully, that seems to be changing. The court is making some serious strides in terms of ensuring that justice is given its rightful place. It was recently announced that West Virginia Chamber of Commerce's CourtWatch panel rated a number of the court's decisions as "really good." Perhaps a more apt description would have been "really fair." It appears the court is putting the law first and grounding their interpretations in fact, not fancy, political whims or agenda-driven ideas.

All we should ask of any legal body — from the municipal court judge who deals with speeding tickets to the chief justice of the Supreme Court — is that it puts fairness and rule of law above all else. Anyone who comes before a court must know that his case will be heard and that justice will be blind.