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Special electricity rates unfair for other power consumers

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We support Felman Production, and we certainly hope the company can reopen its plant in New Haven, but the deal the company has presented to the Public Service Commission is bad news. Felman wants a special power rate for its steel additive manufacturing plant. Basically, the company wants to pay more for power when the price of its product is up and less when it's down. When the price of ferrosilicomanganese — a material Felman makes that allows steel companies to produce a better product — goes down, other power company ratepayers would have to pick up the tab.

That's not fair. Passing along costs to an end user is one thing, but using some regulatory sleight of hand to pass along operating costs to others without their say-so is wrong. Why should we have to pick up the tab for someone else? If Felman needs a loan to reopen, it should seek financial backers and raise capital. If its product is needed and it can make and market it effectively, good for Felman and we hope it succeeds. If its business model needs work or its plant needs to be upgraded to be more efficient, then it's on Felman to move forward. Sticking us with Felman's power bill should not be an option.