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Braxton Co. judge dissolves Board of Directors for Mountaineer Food Bank

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A Braxton County judge dissolved the Board of Directors of the Mountaineer Food Bank last month, according to documents filed in Braxton County Circuit Court.

Mountaineer Food Bank is a non-profit hunger relief organization that provides emergency food services to 48 counties in West Virginia.

Judge Richard Facemire issued an order on Aug. 30, decreeing that the seven board of directors of Mountaineer Food Bank "shall be prohibited and enjoined from taking any further action" as board members.

The judge appointed Clinton Buschoff to oversee the Executive Director, Carla Nardella, and perform the duties the board would usually perform.

The order discusses that several board members failed to comply with the organization's by-laws.  Rules state that board members cannot miss more than two consecutive meetings. Meeting minutes reflected that board members failed to comply with the organization's by-laws surrounding attendance.

The decision came after Nardella filed a petition about whether the Mountaineer Food Bank has a "lawfully" constituted Board of Directors.

The judge issued an order several weeks after board members questioned Nardella's performance as executive director, according to documents and evaluation reports.

Nardella would not comment during a phone conversation Tuesday.