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Device inside credit card could make it easier to hack

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The tiny chip inside some credit cards is known as an R.F.I.D. card or Radio Frequency Identification makes it possible for you to pay without swiping your card.

Certain stores have sensors at check-out that recognize the technology, and can pull your information with the touch of your card.

If you have a symbol on your credit card that looks similar to the wifi symbol, it means you probably have an R.F.I.D device in your card.

The convenient technology comes with a cost.

Criminals can purchase an R.F.I.D scanner online for a few hundred dollars. Criminals can use the scanners to obtain your personal information by scanning the area near your card.

Kanawha County Sheriff's Office Detective Sean Snuffer calls it a new way to commit an old crime.

"It's a matter of being close to somebody and having a device that will make a copy of that card," said Detective Snuffer.

You can buy wallets online that claim to protect cards that have a R.F.I.D. device.

Detective Snuffer said you should always be careful when it comes to protecting your wallet.

"Be aware of your surroundings, who's around you, what they are doing when they are around you."

You can call your credit card company if you want to request a card without an R.F.I.D. device

If you like the technology, you can always buy a protective sleeve or wallet for your card.

We found a link to some, here: