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Twisted tale in Mingo mess winding toward justice

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The sad saga of political corruption in Mingo County only becomes more sordid as new details emerge. It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of who was doing what and how and why they were doing it. Abuse of power, assault, intimidation, blackmail — it's the stuff of Hollywood movies. It would almost be entertaining if the complete degradation of justice weren't so severe. To see what these men and women have done to further their own selfish interests should sicken anyone who has ever said the Pledge of Allegiance or so much as glanced at the United States Constitution. Our state has a rotten legacy of graft and political dishonesty, but even longtime political observers are cringing at what's transpiring there.

If we take a step back and try to assess this on an objective level, it's easy to see the pathetic culmination of what happens when an economy is based on government. Mingo County is a wonderful place with many wonderful people, but it's an economic disaster. When progress is in the hands of a few backwoods political hacks, everyone loses. We encourage federal authorities to continue their investigation and bring justice to those who put their own ambition above the people they serve.