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Meadow Bridge High School no longer under Consolidation Plan

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The State School Board passed an amendment on Wednesday to remove Meadow Bridge High School from a proposed merger.

The plan originally called for Midland Trail, Fayetteville and Meadow Bridge High School's to be consolidated.

The approved amendment calls for Meadow Bridge High School to be removed from the Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan for one year in order for a study to be completed on how to best educate those students.

Two Meadow Bridge High juniors told 59News their school has long been considered to merge and said had that happened, they wouldn't have had the same advantages as in their home school.

"You've worked since your freshmen year to be where you're at so it feels pretty good to know you won't have to compete as hard for your position on the field and on the court," said junior Kaleb Farr. 

"I just have so many great memories of being on the cheer squad, and my cheer family and to know that I will have those memories forever, it means a lot to me and that's an opportunity I wouldn't have had if I went to a larger school," Autumn White told us.

For the next year, they told us the doors will stay open every day and it will be business as usual.

"We will continue to have school like we usually do," said Meadow Bridge High principal Johnathan Henry.

"Here at the school it'll always be business as usual," Business and Technology teacher Mark Gladwell said.

"Two weeks, a year, five years, ten years from now my job will be to make sure that school will still be happening, to give them the opportunity to be successful when they leave," Henry reassured.

Schools in Fayette County are in "intervention status" which is why the State School Board needed to approve the amendment. Farr said he's appreciative the State has had their back.

"It feels pretty good to know that all the hard work our parents and community has put in is actually being recognized and I like that the State takes our side in the majority of things. It makes you feel like you're not standing alone," Farr told us.

In order to best determine how to improve the schools, the Fayette County School Board still needs the support of the county voters.