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Riverside High School community mourning loss of two students

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Cody Perdue and Mason Roush were killed in a car accident on Saturday. Cody Perdue and Mason Roush were killed in a car accident on Saturday.
MARMET, West Virginia -

"You just gotta take it one step at a time," said Riverside senior, Chaz Davis.  "It's just not going to be the same.  They were just two of the greatest guys on earth."

A candle light vigil was held for two students who were killed over the weekend.  

On Saturday, Cody Perdue, Mason Roush and Kirsten Young were involved in a head on collision on MacCorkle Avenue near Marmet, WV.  Perdue and Young were students at Riverside High School.  Roush had just graduated from Riverside.   Roush and Perdue didn't survive the crash. 

Davis, a friend of all three, was at home in his room when a friend told him the news.   "The only words he said, was Cody Perdue is dead.  I about fainted."

Riverside has lost four students in the last six months.  People in the community said if anything, they are resilient.  Despite the tragedy these students have endured, the students said it's about moving forward.

Valerie Harper is the principal at Riverside.  She said, "It's not new for us to go through what we're going through, which is a little bit scary."

The student who survived the wreck, Young, attended the vigil on crutches.  She and Cody were a couple, high school sweethearts.  She spoke to the crowd at the vigil.  "His one wish was that if he ever went first, that I would always be okay," she said.  

"I want to be here for as many people as I can," said Davis.  "I will do that because Cody and Mason would want me to do that.  

Like the times before this tragedy, and in the future, the Warrior community said they rely on each other for support.  Grief counseling has been made available for the students.  Harper said many of the students are dealing with re-grief.  That's because many of them still are trying to get over the losses of the other students who have passed recently.