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Insurance may help pay for storm damage to your home

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When storms hit they can bring wind and hail that leave your home with dents.

"I noticed some dents in some wrappings in the windows and wondered where they came from," said homeowner Carr Grubb.

Carr Grubb said he didn't know hail had damaged his home until a couple months after the storm. He hired a professional to inspect it and found out he did have hail damage to his home.

President of Universal Builders of America, Jacob Noland, showed me damage to Grubb's home.

"Some of the soft metals, you can see right here there's a dint in the downspout," said Noland.

If you don't get damage fixed to your home, experts said it can get worse.

Insurance broker Don Wilson said your home insurance may cover hail and wind damage, but you have to act fast. There may be a time limit on when you can file a claim following a storm.

"I tell my clients to file a claim immediately," said Don Wilson.

Experts suggest you have your home inspected every 2 years.

Brokers suggest you know your deductible. If the damage is worth less than your deductible, it won't be covered by your insurance. Therefore, it may not be worth filing a claim.

"Any claim has the ability to affect your premium," said Wilson.

Storm damage to your home can cost you thousands, but getting help from your insurance company may ease the pain on your pocket.