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Human skeletal remains found in Logan County, WV and could be linked to missing man

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Investigators in Logan County, WV have found human skeletal remains in the Henlawson area of the county Investigators in Logan County, WV have found human skeletal remains in the Henlawson area of the county

Human remains found in Logan County could mean the end of a missing person's case. Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff's Department stumbled across the remains of a man believed to be missing since June.

The findings started with a neighbor's tip about an abandoned and wrecked ATV in a wooded area. According to deputies, the neighbor believed the ATV was stolen. However, when Logan County deputies arrived on scene they discovered more than a wrecked four-wheeler. They uncovered the remains of a human body.

"It appears for some it might be a mechanical reason, they may have lost lighting. And it appears to be an ATV accident," said Corporal M.C. Sutherland of the Logan County Sheriff Department.

An accident that could close a missing person's case.

James Marcum disappeared on June 4th. According to deputies he left his house on a red Honda ATV heading toward Mill Creek. His family and friends said he never returned home.

Although deputies say it's too soon to positively identify the remains, they say the ATV found in the wooded area matches the description of Marcum's.

"It's his four-wheeler. It's pretty banged up. It looks like his wheel came off and shot him over the embedment," said Darlie Gearhart, the sister of Marcum.

Marcum's family told 13 News they've searched the area, where the human remains were found, before. However, until a couple weeks ago the area was heavily wooded which made it impossible to see anything inside.

"We were down in there. Everything was covered up, you couldn't see anything. I mean it was green, trees everywhere, full wind-blown," said Gearhart.

Investigators say the remains will now be taken to the Medical Examiner's Office to be positively identified.

Corporal Sutherland said the best way to avoid a major accident while riding an ATV is to always wear a helmet and avoid riding at night.


Logan County Sheriff's Deputies received a call Sunday morning, November 3, 2013 about an ATV. The caller stated the ATV appeared to be stolen. 

Once on scene, investigators found human skeletal remains near the ATV. 

The Logan County Sheriff's Department cannot confirm at this time if the remains are that of a male or female. The West Virginia Medical Examiner was called to the scene and will collect the remains to determine the sex and the exact cause of death. 

Deputies on scene believe these remains may be linked to the missing person incident of James David Marcum, who disappeared on June 4, 2013.

At the time of his disappearance, Marcum had left his residence on a red Honda 300 Foretrax ATV and had ridden back into the hills toward Mill Creek.

The investigation is continuing at this time.

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