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Clements leaves a clean slate for next president

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West Virginia University President James "Jim" Clements announced this week that he's moving on. Clements, who has been with WVU since 2009, will soon take over as president of Clemson University in South Carolina. Clements brought vision, energy and enthusiasm to his post and did much to bring our state's flagship institution into the 21st Century. He embraced his leadership role and passion for our school was never in doubt. We wish him the best in his new challenge and we're certain he'll have nothing but success.

We also hope the selection committee charged with picking the next president of WVU does not repeat the sins of the past. That institution is a vital part of this state and a true engine for economic growth and development. We need a leader who, of course, understands what makes this state tick and how things get done, but the selection must not be political. The good ol' boys have ruined enough in West Virginia; we cannot allow them to take down our university. If this state is going to reach its potential, WVU will be at the forefront of that movement. We need a leader who will work for the good of our school, not at the behest of the political class.