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Workers' compensation fix remains an inspiration

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To see where we have come in this state in regard to workers' compensation is nothing short of staggering. We had, undoubtedly, the worst workers' comp system in the nation. Broken beyond repair, the old model was everything that's wrong with government. Fixing it would take a miracle, or so we thought. Since 2005, we have witnessed that broken, busted system transform into a model for the nation. BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company has truly blazed a trail to a better West Virginia.

BrickStreet is a representation of what can be done when our elected leaders come together, recognize a problem and work together to fix it. On a deeper level, it further proves what can happen when we take politics out of the equation and allow West Virginians to use their energy, intellect and creativity to generate positive change. This state has plenty of issues that need to be fixed, yet maybe the most prominent is a collective defeatist attitude that seems to accept the lie of "that's just the way things are." We can point to success after success after success, but nothing is more monumental than they way we fixed workers' comp and nothing should inspire us more.