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Flesh eating drug found in Athens County, OH

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A flesh eating drug has been found in Athens County, OH.

According to a Facebook posting by the Athens County Sheriff's Office, a case of the drug known as krokodil has been located in the plains/Chauncey area of Athens County.

The Facebook posting says that krokodil is a heroin-like narcotic that will cause permanent brain damage resulting in speech impediments, as well as damage to internal organs and spastic movements, and produces severe tissue damage that, at times, requires limb amputations.

The post says that a heroin dealer told NET detectives that she believed she was purchasing heroin in Columbus, OH and was sold krokodil instead.

According to the post, the NET was informed an addict injected the krokodil and within days, a festering, pungent sore developed and the skin began to turn a scaly, reptilian green around the area where it is injected.  The post says it has began spreading up their arm.

The Facebook post issued by the Athens County Sheriffs office says if you have what you suspect to be krokodil, do not use it, and to get it to the NET and you will not be charged. The post also says that if you have used krokodil, please seek medical care immediately, and do not be concerned that you will be identified as an addict.

Columbus, OH authorities say they may have seen their first case of krokodil earlier this November.  The drug has been a problem in Russia for years, and only recently made its way to the United States.