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Students, parents rally behind Clendenin, WV teacher

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Parents say they want Wells to stay at the school. Parents say they want Wells to stay at the school.
CLENDENIN, West Virginia -

A classroom of students and their parents are rallying behind a teacher in Clendenin, West Virginia.  The teacher said she says she resigned as a last-ditch effort to be able to work with children in Kanawha County.

Students from Kim Wells' class at Clendenin Elementary said their goodbyes Thursday night at a restaurant, not at the school.  "I was absolutely dedicated to those kids and I had plans in mind for them for the whole year," Wells said. 

But last week marked her final days as their teacher. Wells said she wanted to go into her classroom to say goodbye but was told no.  According to an incident report,  Wells was written up for having scented oil in her classroom, and reading aloud from the reading curriculum during the tail-end of phonics time. She disputes the details of both of these accusations.

She said she was given two options.  She could either turn in a letter of resignation and still be able to work in the county, or be fired and never teach in the county again. Wells said she opted to resign.

Parents said they want her back.  "She wants to pull her resignation and we'd like to see her be able to pull her resignation," said Connie Short, who has a student in Wells' class. 

Wells and parents said they believe this is a move by school administrators to remove Wells from Clendenin Elementary.  Parents said Wells was the sixth teacher in their children's classroom this school year alone.  Short said, "We don't want another teacher."

"It really feels like a real family," Wells said.  "There's so much love in that classroom."  She said she hopes the school board will listen the parent's side of things.  "I really hope they will listen to them and talk to them and not just take the words of one person who seems to have a problem with me and I don't know why that is."

Parents went to the School Board to voice their concerns Monday.  Ms. Wells told 13 News she has not been told whether the Board accepted or rejected her letter of resignation.

We did go to the Board to ask about the issue.  The Assistant Superintendent for Kanawha County Elementary Schools said she could not comment, citing personnel issues.