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Shoppers line up at stores a day before Black Friday

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Shoppers lined up outside of Toys R Us Thursday. Shoppers lined up outside of Toys R Us Thursday.
CHARLESTON, West Virginia -

It was cold and the lines were long but that didn't stop hundreds of shoppers from finding some good deals at Toys R Us in Southridge. 

For some retailers, Black Friday just isn't soon enough.  Many shoppers agree.  Amanda Johnson was first in line at the store on Thanksgiving Day.  She said she goes with her sister every year.  "We get to do this once a year.  This is our time to spend together," she said.

Shannon Painter arrived two hours early to shop.  He said, "You got to save that dollar, you know.  You can buy five gifts or you can buy ten gifts if you go today.  I'm just trying to do the best for my kids."

Alyssa Sodder came prepared with her blanket and chair.  At just 12 years old, she said to come prepared.  "Dress warm," she said. 

Johnson said she goes shopping with a plan too.  She said it's all about teamwork with her sister.  "She always goes and gets the stuff that both of us want and I'll stand in line or I'll go get the stuff that both of us want and she'll stand in line.  We get in and get out."

When it comes to the nay-sayers, Painter summed up the feelings of many of the shoppers we spoke with today.  "I hate the see the workers out here on the holiday, but at the same time I can't pass up the savings not to come.  It's a catch 22."