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Family near Marmet, WV believes someone shot their pet pig

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Mia Clark with Wilbur. Mia Clark with Wilbur.

A beloved pet is missing near Marmet, WV and the family believes a stranger they encountered on their property the day their pet disappeared is responsible.

Now the Clark family is seeking justice for a potbellied pig named Wilbur.
"We heard the shot," said Mia Clark. "It shook our house. It was that close."

When they heard a shot outside their home Mia Clark and her husband Larry knew something wasn't quite right. Then as they were leaving to take their daughter to gymnastics, they encountered a stranger.

"The guy wouldn't look at us," she said. "He just walked with his head down and he had a muzzle loader. He was acting really weird"

Clark said he had been on their private property at the end of a dirt road.

"Larry told him to move on," Clark said.

Shortly after they got a frantic call from their son telling them that Wilbur, the family's pet potbellied pig, was no where to be found. Wilbur lives in the house but had gone outside to play.

"He slept in our bed, on our couch," Mia Clark explained. "I have picture of him on the couch with all of us."

They came home and searched by the light of flashlights and cell phones, in the cold and the dark. They notice a trail of blood. Then found a large puddle of blood, yards away from their home. But they never found Wilbur's body.

"My son and my husband and two of my best friends and we looked for hours," Clark said. "I'm so angry that someone has come in to our safe zone and taken from my family."

Mia Clark believes the stranger is responsible.

"Wilbur was so kind. This was a pig that lived in the house. He played with my dogs. He was my baby," Clark said, her eyes filled with tears.

Clark was planning to file an official police report Monday. The incident happened Friday. She has been referred to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and is waiting for a call back from an investigator. The family originally contacted the Marmet Police Department about the incident but they were unable to help because the incident reportedly occurred just outside of city limits.