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Grayson, KY makes history on New Year's

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Tersa Morse and Denisa Griffey usually go out on New Year's but this year's outing was different for the girls from Grayson, Kentucky.

"[We've been to] Huntington, Ironton, Ashland and different places," says Ms. Griffey. "This is the first time that I can actually stay in my hometown so I'm excited beyond belief."

In June, voters decided to allow alcohol sales in the town of about 4,000 people.

Keith Bays was a big part of that effort.

He says, at first, he was not planning to open a bar, but that is exactly what he did this past November.

"I just decided, "Hey, let's take the bull by the horns, put my money where my mouth is, and be the first one to try it," says Bays, as he welcomes guests to the bar's New Year's Eve party.

It has been six months since the wet-dry vote, and alcohol sales is still a controversial issue in Grayson.

Supporters say it will help this town socially.

Opponents, speaking on behalf of the Christian right, are wondering how alcohol, a drug, could, in any way, help the town.

"I'm totally against it. Christian people should be against alcohol," says Grayson resident, Delma Nolen.

Ms. Nolen says the campaign by local churches against the drug abuse epidemic took a step back when voters narrowly allowed alcohol sales in town.

"The churches around here have been battling drugs," she says. "And we seem to be getting somewhere with it, until this alcohol thing came in."

In two months of being open, Bays reports no incidents at his bar.

Customers say Bays has made the bar like a home.

"That means more than anything, just to be able to know that when I walk in that door, I'm gonna see people from right here in Grayson," said Ms. Griffey, just before her friend, Tersa Morse, made the sitcom connection.

"It's like Norm. Cheers!" laughed Ms. Morse.