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The Bell Law Firm brings 5-plaintiff federal suit

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Following the Jan. 9 chemical spill of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, a chemical used in the coal industry, into the Elk River, numerous lawsuits have been filed.

One lawsuit includes a class-action, five-plaintiff suit by The Bell Law Firm PLLC, located in Charleston.

The firm planned to file a federal suit at noon Jan. 10.

While many cases involve losses suffered by business, the Bell Law firm class action suit deals with the consumer aspect.

According to Jesse Forbes of Forbes Law Offices PLLC, also located in Charleston, claims made by consumers could be in terms of potential health effects induced by chemical exposure and contact.

Important, Forbes said, is solving the potential health problems in order to monitor, and check, those who have used the contaminated water for hours after the fact.

While health problems may not immediately appear, Forbes said the full potential effect could possibly be seen over the next several years.

Another potential consumer claim could be loss of monetary compensation from businesses, such as restaurants, where people might work.

Because all businesses in affected areas have been ordered to close, those who rely on a paycheck for financial stability might have to go without.