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Businesses with contaminated water forced to close

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The Charleston Town Center Mall looks a little different today.  Without water, people can't perform some everyday tasks that many may have once taken for granted.

Chantelle Wilson is visiting from Buckhannon, WV.  She told a story of how she and her mom started washing their hands with soap when they realized none of the sinks would turn on because of the water dangers.  Luckily for them they had baby wipes.

Lack of running water is just one problem.  Due to the contaminated water risks, nearly all restaurants in the affected areas are closed.  Tiffany Tan with Hawaiian Grill says they are open because they care about their business.  She can sell bottled beverages to customers, but they cannot serve food.

Wilson says they knew about the water ban and came prepared with bottled water.  Unfortunately, Wilson says, "We haven't eaten anything other than snack foods" because no other restaurant is open.

Closed restaurants means closed cash drawers.  Although staff at the Hawaiian Grill worries about the money they are losing from lack of food sales, some money is better than none.  Tan says they have actually been fairly busy selling beverages to people.  Restaurants that have bottled beverages or prepacked snacks are the only ones allowed to remain open.