Health Department and National Guard Inspect schools in Charleston, WV

[image] Alicia Dawn Page interviews school staff.


Elk Elementary Center has been cleared by the Kanawha Charleston Health Department.



School has been canceled again Wednesday for schools in most of the affected areas including Kanawha County, WV.

Custodial and cafeteria staff and maintenance crews have been working to flush the lines.

Kanawha Charleston Health Department sanitarians and the West Virginia National Guard inspected schools, beginning Monday night and continuing through Tuesday evening. The objective was to make certain it is safe for students to return.

At Elk Elementary Center the staff had a busy morning, preparing for their school wide inspection.

They had to flush the water, flush and clean appliances, wash the dishes, dispose of prepared food and sanitize an surface that students touch in the classrooms.

Kanawha Charleston Health Department Sanitarian Alicia Dawn Page went through a specific checklist. She had to make certain every water source in the school was flushed in the proper way. All of the filters had to be changed. Equipment the water is connected to also had to be flushed. She checked to verify that all of the food and drinks in the coolers were not expired and were stored at the appropriate temperature. The ice machines had to be flushed and cleaned properly.

After the inspectors interviewed the staff and inspected the facility, the principal learned the had not passed the inspection. A few of the faucets had been overlooked. Because of that the staff had to begin the entire process again. They had to change the filters again as well.

"I would much rather have someone come in and say you didn't get this and go back and do it again, than have any residue left in the building," said Principal, Jenny Spencer.
Even after the staff corrects the noted problems the facility will have to be inspected again.

There are also concerns about a swimming pool inside that facility possibly being contaminated. Discussions are ongoing with county maintenance crews regarding how to correct that situation.

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