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Murray Energy notifies EPA of intent to sue

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Courtesy: Murray Energy Courtesy: Murray Energy

Murray Energy Corporation notified the Environmental Protection Agency Jan. 21 that it will file a lawsuit against the EPA's "illegal promulgation of senseless and destructive regulations, with absolutely no regard for their job and family destruction."

Murray also claims the EPA violates the Clean Air Act by not considering job losses when it issues regulations.

"Indeed over the past several years, the Obama EPA has promulgated a series of rules and regulations seeking to eliminate the United States coal industry, and the very good jobs and low-cost electricity that it provides," reads a media statement from Murray Energy. "Indeed, the lives and livelihoods of entire families in many regions of America are being destroyed.

"Further, there will be virtually no environmental benefit from these radical EPA regulations."

In its notification to the EPA, Murray writes that during the past five years, the EPA "has waged what can fairly be described as a war on coal, repeatedly and consistently encouraging sources to switch from coal to other fuels, to shut down coal-fired sources and to avoid constructing new coal-fired sources, all through EPA's administration and enforcement of the Clean Air Act."

The notification claims that it would not be "possible or practical," to list every action the EPA had taken in the past five years to administer or enforce the Clean Air Act in ways that have eliminated or discouraged coal as a fuel option for electricity generation as well as making new, coal-fired source construction cost-prohibitive.

Murray also explained in its notification that it is the largest producer of underground coal in the United States.

"The pressure the current administration is placing on the power sector to switch from coal to other fuels and to avoid the construction of new coal-burning facilities has threatened one of the nation's largest markets for coal and, in turn, the jobs and livelihoods of those who work in and support our nation's coal industry, including Murray Energy's 7,100 employees," the notification to the EPA states.

Gary Broadbent, assistant general counsel and media director for Murray said the company had no choice but to file the notice and lawsuit.

"The Clean Air Act is crystal clear in requiring the EPA to evaluate the negative impact that their regulations will have on jobs, but they have repeatedly been derelict in their duty," Broadbent said. "We must defend these jobs, families and America and force the EPA and President Obama to comply with the law."