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UPDATE: 2 Kanawha County schools remain closed following water issues

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Two schools in Kanawha County, WV will remain closed on Thursday in order to flush the water systems. 

Riverside High School and Midland Trail Elementary both closed on Wednesday after some people were sent to the hospital when fumes filled the buildings.

Workers started the re-flushing process around 6 a.m. on Wednesday after teachers and students complained of a licorice odor in the area. The process was not finished by the time school started and the smells were too much for many people to handle, students said.

At Riverside, a female teacher and a male student were transported to the hospital.

Others were treated at the school clinic for dizziness and nausea.

Midland Trail Elementary had similar issues.

The schools had been tested previously and were found to have non-detectable levels of Crude MCMH, according to school officials.

Many parents said they are angry the schools decided to flush the pipes right before students arrived.

Officials said they believed the smell and discolored water was a result of a water main break in the Belle area, not a result of the chemical spill on January 9.

County officials said the systems will be re-flushed and the National Guard will re-test the water before students at Midland Trail Elementary and Riverside High School can return to class.