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UPDATE: Air scrubbers installed at Mary Ingles Elementary after mold detected

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Ceiling inside Mary Ingles Elementary. Ceiling inside Mary Ingles Elementary.


Kanawha County Schools announced they have taken steps at Mary Ingles Elementary to stop multiple leaks in the roof and install air scrubbers after mold was detected at the school.

Terry Hollandsworth, Maintenance Director for Kanawha County Schools, said two air scrubbers have been installed at the school but the school is waiting on 10 more to be delivered.  According to Hollandsworth, the scrubbers are too loud to run while students are in class.

All but one leak in the roof has been fixed temporarily.  Hollandsworth says the roof will need to be replaced at some point.



Mold has been detected inside Mary Ingles Elementary in Tad, WV and now parents want to know why something wasn't done sooner. 

Some parents are concerned that students with allergies and asthma are suffering. 

"There is mold in the school," said parent Angie Wilkinson, who has two students at the school. "There are seven buckets in my son's classroom. The ceiling is just dripping this brown water. You can smell the damage."  

Kanawha County Schools Superintendent Ron Duerring confirmed that mold had been detected in air quality sampling inside the school. 

"My child suffers from asthma," said parent Cassandra Wine. "I know other children in the school that suffer from asthma and I'm sure this is making that situation worse." 

Wilkinson said while she typically gives her son a break from his allergy medicine in the winter, she's had to start giving it to him again. 

Duerring said the problem at the school is a leaking roof.  

"We are very aware of the situation," Duerring said. "We have a leaky roof and have been patching and working on it like you would any roof. The leak got really bad and we had to take the ceiling tile out because it is a drop like ceiling. Then we saw it was even worse than we anticipated." 

Kanawha Charleston Health Department inspection reports obtained by 13 News show at least three instances where the issues with the floors, walls and ceilings have been observed. On one report the situation was listed as a "repeat observation".  

Maintenance Director Terry Hollandsworth said the roof can't be replaced until summer. In the meantime he said they'll use air scrubbers to clean the air. 

Twelve of those units have been ordered. Two have been received and the other ten are expected to be delivered next week.  

Crews were at the school Thursday morning patching the leaks. 

13 News was also able to confirm that the West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office was called to the school to investigate the situation. The outcome of that investigation was not released. 

Parents like Wilkinson said they feel like it is too little too late. 

"I'm very upset that my kid has to go to school in these kinds of conditions," Wilkinson said. "It is very sad as a parent."