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KY lawmaker wants stores to be required to report security breaches

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State Representative Steve Riggs (D-Jackson) said shoppers in Kentucky aren't protected enough when it comes to their private information.

He said Kentucky is one of a few states that doesn't have a data security breach law, meaning companies like stores and banks have no guidelines on when, or if, they have to notify their customers in the event their security systems are hacked.

"What it means is the consumer's information is not protected very well," said Rep. Riggs.

He is sponsoring a bill that would change that.

"If an Internet thug breaks in they will have a set of rules to notify their customers, notify law enforcement and fix the problem," said Rep. Riggs.

He said breaches at major stores like Target and Neiman Marcus have brought new light to security.

"More people are familiar with this situation and it's happened to them and they're saying I can't believe we don't have a law here."

Representative Riggs said this law is important to the safety and well being of shoppers in Kentucky. But he can't guarantee it will pass.

The bill is being voted on Thursday in a house committee if it passes it will go to the full house for a vote in a few days.