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Emergency Preparedness Guide

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During any emergency it is important to have supplies on-hand.  We have gathered several items that should be in everyone's 72-hour emergency kit.

For the home:

- Flashlights and extra batteries

- Battery/crank powered radios

- Candles, matches and lighters

- Water for drinking and cooking

            Men need an average of 104 ounces of water per day

            Women need an average of 72 ounces of water per day

- Portable heat (all heating safety procedures should be included in the instructions)

- Sleeping bags, camp stoves, lanterns

- Canned goods and a manual can opener

- Emergency contact number list

- Battery powered cell phone chargers


For the car:

- Jumper cables

- Reflective clothing

- Extra clothes/jackets/blankets

- Road flares

- Flashlight and extra batteries

- Snacks and water

- Sand or kitty litter

- Cell phone chargers


For a printable list of emergency contact numbers click here.