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Cabell County Schools investigates first grade teacher for putting girl's shirt on male student

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A first grade teacher at Central City Elementary on Huntington's west side put a pink, flowery, girl's tank-top on a male student to get him to straighten up and stop chewing on his clothes, according to school officials.

Some parents of students in the class did not approve.

Neither did the teacher's bosses.

"It was really something that shouldn't have been done," says Cabell County Schools Communications Director, Jedd Flowers. "We started the investigation once we were contacted by some concerned parents.  It wasn't actually the student's parents, but somebody else, and of course, we always take those very seriously, and we will in this case as well."

Flowers tells 13 News that the teacher had a lapse in judgement, and the principal called the family of the first-grader to apologize

He says "disciplinary protocol is being followed."

"I have a first-grader, and I think what she did was appropriate," says Shannon Wiley, who readily admits her daughter can be a handful. "I have to back them up, and I have to respect and understand what their problem is, because it does disrupt the whole class, it throws the teacher off, and it's not fair to everybody else involved either."

Father, Marshall Mort, says if the teacher made a point without harming the student, he is okay with it.

"I wouldn't say it doesn't matter what type of discipline is used," says Mort. "But the fact that the message is conveyed to the child so they are less likely to act out badly, that's the important part, really."

The teacher has not been placed on leave while school officials do an internal investigation, which should take a few days, according to Flowers.

After the investigation, Flowers says administrators will decide if and how the teacher will be disciplined.

We are not naming the teacher at this time.