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Hackers target Netflix customers in new scam

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Jerome Segura is a computer security expert who seeks out Internet scams. He said he has found a new phishing scam impersonating Netflix.

A web page pops up that looks to the average person like a Netflix login page. He entered in random information, not real account information.

"It was telling me my account was suspended and I knew something was wrong because this was not an account, it was totally random," said Segura.

Then the web site listed a number for him to call for technical support.

He called the number and said the person on the phone asked him to download software on his computer so they could get to the root of the problem.

"I think that's the risk where a potential victim may be letting someone they think is a genuine technician take control of their computer," said Segura.

The scammer, unaware they were actually dealing with an expert, started going through would-be personal files, like bank information.

"These were fake documents I had put there on purpose, but for a potential victim, this could be a terrible experience."

In an instant, his security would have been compromised.

He says it may come up on your screen as an ad or a pop up. You can protect yourself by verifying the web address. He said anything other than netflix.com could be a fake.