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Luke Nesler

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Co-Founder/Creative Director,
Impakt Marketing and Branding
Morgantown, 24

Luke Nesler didn't waste any time getting into the workforce.

In fact, he launched his own company during his last semester as a full-time student at West Virginia University.

"In my senior year, I was still trying to figure out what exactly I was going to do after I graduated," Nesler admitted. "I was getting a public relations degree, and I was looking at marketing agencies and public relations firms. I'd done a lot of film in my life — I'm a film producer at heart. Even though I already had a full plate of classes, I opened up a film production business called Nesler Media and started producing TV commercials for local businesses."

That led to a partnership in a public relations company with partner Jeff Welsh.

"Jeff had a lot of experience with web design and graphic design, so between the two of us, it is a good fit. We focused on things that we felt other agencies weren't providing"

There are definite advantages to owning and operating your own company, Nesler said.

"With our company, it's not just two people that are out selling. We're involved in the creative process, too," he explained. "We don't farm out the work. We create the art. Creating it ourselves keeps the costs down, too, since we cut out the middle man that some firms use. And I like being involved in the creative process.

As passionate as he is about his work, Nesler also enjoy his other interests, especially BMX bike racing. 

"I'm the track president of the only BMX race track in the state of West Virginia, in Marion County," he said. "That's a big stress release for me. I am an action sports enthusiast. I love to ski and race bikes."

Having that is important in maintaining a healthy work balance, he said.

"When you own your own business, you always work more than you should. I'm up late many nights, but I try to make sure to quit at a reasonable hour," he said. "So I try to keep my weekends free to spend with family and friends. But sometimes it's hard to stay away from your phone. Weekends are typically when I let loose. Other than that, I pretty much work non-stop during the week."

Nesler also coordinates many Business Networking International events in the Morgantown area.