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Some of Charleston, WV lunch crowd avoids transit mall because of fear

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The Transit Mall in Charleston, WV by Slack Plaza has been the site of several arrests in recent days.

On Wednesday, Charleston Police arrested nine people for charges ranging from drug possession, public intoxication and outstanding warrants.  

"I've been asked for money or people ask me if I'm 'good' which is slang for do you need drugs," said Christopher Montgomery. He walks through the area sometimes to catch the bus.

Diana Thomas, who owns Diana's Downtown Café on Summers Street said she thinks the activity in the Transit Mall keeps customers away.

"A lot of people won't come to our business because they are afraid of the drunks that ask them for money," Thomas said.

Vicki Schafer walks through the area often on her lunch hour. "Things have been said but you just sort of try to ignore it and go about your business," Schafer said.

Sometimes she takes the long way around to avoid the experience of walking through the plaza.

"It is a little scary," Schafer said. "It can be a little intimidating. You just never know what is going to happen. You kind of have to clutch your purse and keep it close to you."