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Remembering UBB: Four years later

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The 5th day in April holds a special place in many peoples hearts.
Especially those who lost loves ones in the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster 4 years ago.

Today The Upper Big Branch Mining Memorial group laid wreaths at the Miners Memorial in Whitesville in honor of those who lost their lives.

Larry Harper is a coal miner and he visits the memorial regularly.

"It kinda means they wont forget if something happens, you know everybody in the town comes together..It's a strong bond in West Virginia. People that do this sort of thing, they do it with pride and it means a lot when they do this to keep their memories alive, the ones that have gone," said Harper.

Travis Dunn was just a boy when the mine explosion happened and he step father was supposed to be underground that day.

"I seen that it blew up and I was scared half to death because my step dad was supposed to be in it, but it turns out, he got transferred somewhere else," said Dunn.

The mine explosion was a result of many safety violations.
So far 4 people employed by the company faced charges in connection with the disaster.