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Full confession letter released in death of Gallia County, Ohio hunter

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Gallia County Sheriff's Office Gallia County Sheriff's Office

Karlena Bunner, the stepdaughter of Larry Bradley, the man who was found shot to death near his home in December, says a letter of apology released Monday by the Gallia County Sheriff, does not easy the family's pain.

"To me, I mean, speaking for myself, it's a slap in the face," says Ms. Bunner.

The writer says after shooting at a deer he had been tracking near Bradley's home, he heard someone yelling, and that "it scared me so much 'cause I didn't have permission to be there hunting and I couldn't afford a fine, so I ran back to public hunting land..."  The writer says he learned on the news of Bradley's death later that day.  He writes that "This is eating at me like a cancer," and to "Please tell the family I am sorry."

"So many bad images in our heads, as to what could have happened out there," says Ms. Bunner. "Knowing that there's a coward out there that knows what he did, and thinks that he can write an anonymous letter and make everything okay. It doesn't work like that."

Gallia County Sheriff Joe Browning says it appears the writer of this letter is male, is remorseful, and meant what he wrote, but at this point in the investigation, every possibility is on the table. It is possible this is a lie designed to throw off the investigation. It is possible it is a hoax. 

Sheriff Browning believes, though, this is a honest attempt by the writer to clear his conscience. "I think that whoever wrote this letter is trying to reach out to try and obtain some closure for himself," says Browning.  Karlena Bunner just wants closure for her family.

"I'm not saying that even knowing what happened would help," says Bunner. "But I think it would clear a lot of things up in our minds."



The Gallia County Sheriff's Office has released the full text of an alleged confession letter in the case of a local hunter's death.

Gallia County Sheriff Joe Browning released a photo of the letter on Tuesday.

The person who wrote the letter admits to being on the property belonging to Larry & Denise Bradley about the time of the shooting.

Larry was shot and killed December 2.

Sheriff Browning released a small portion of the letter shortly after it was received in January.  When no additional information about the shooting was made available and no person or persons came forward to accept responsibility, Browning released the full text.

Sheriff Browning is asking anyone with information regarding this case, to contact the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 446-1221, or the Tip Line at (740) 446-6555.

Full text of the letter in its original form including typos:

"As of Dec. 2 my life has changed for ever. I was hunting on the land that border the Russel farm tracking a deer I shot just after daybreak. I knew I was trespassing huntin on land I didn't have permission to hunt on when I shot at the deer. I had been tracking. I herd someone started yelling it scared me so much cause I didn't have permission to be there and I couldn't afford a fine so I ran back to public hunting land and finishe my day hunting. It wasn't until I herd on on the news later that day I new what had happened. I am so sorry for the hurt and pain that I caused on the day. Can u please tell the family I am so sorry, I have told no one of this no even my wife or kids this is eating at me like a caner. Please tell the family I am sorry. My life will never be the same, I am not a bad man just a very scared and sorry man."