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Detroit man extradited for suspected role in heroin enterprise

Detroit man extradited for suspected role in heroin enterprise

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Jakaiser Wesley Jackson, age 21 Jakaiser Wesley Jackson, age 21
HUNTINGTON, WV - Jakaiser Wesley Jackson, also known as "Jigga," is the fourth player police have been looking for since a heroin bust at the Red Roof Inn on Route 60 in Huntington.

In that bust, on April 2, Christopher Lamar Shawn Harris, Arius Dobson and Charles Boling were arrested after police witnessed several drug deals.

Forty thousand dollars worth of heroin was seized in that bust, authorities said.

"On the law enforcement side of it, we'd like to think that we're sending a message to people from Detroit who are coming down here to set up shop," says West Virginia State Trooper Will Hash, who was one of three law enforcement officials who escorted Jackson back down the pipeline on Wednesday afternoon in an unmarked SUV.

Hash says out-of-towners looking to profit from the local addiction epidemic do not find clientele if they keep their dealings on the down-low.

"They spend all the money at the clubs and everything else," says Hash. "They draw attention to themselves, and that's been a lot of their downfall."

Through this, they often give themselves up, but it is harder to get them to give up their bosses or connections, say officials.

"You always try to get to the individual above him," says Trooper Hash. "Sometimes, they run out of options, because they know not to give any of that information up because they know that a death warrant will be signed up against them."

The official charge on Jackson is conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, which could send the 21-year-old to jail for up to 15 years.

Bond was set at $150,000, cash-only.

That is likely to keep Jackson in the Western Regional Jail until his arraignment on May 9.