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Food donations pour in after animal shelter runs out

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KANAWHA COUNTY, WV - In a matter of 24 hours, neighbors came to the rescue of the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association after the animal shelter ran out of food.  They need a specific brand: Purina brand chows.  Chelsea Staley, Executive Director at the animal shelter, explains that a consistent diet is needed to avoid digestive problems.

At least 50 bags of food has been donated in the last 24 hours.  That's about 2,500 pounds.  Kristin Cowley of Nitro donated four 50 lb bags today.  She decided to donate because she loves animals.  Her family dog was rescued from a shelter and she realizes how many animals are at the shelter awaiting their forever homes.  Cowley believes we need to support our local shelter because these animals depend on us.

Food goes quickly due to over crowding.  Staley says last week the Putnam County shelter told her they have 40 dog kennels, but only 15 dogs.  Kanawha Charleston Humane Association has more than 130 large dog kennels and well over 130 large dogs.  Staley adds that Roane County gets 1,000 animals per year, but the Kanawha shelter receives more than 7,000 animals.

It was just last week this shelter received a $10,000 donation, but often money donated can only be used for a specific purpose.  Staley says that check was sent with a letter with a request for the shelter to expand, so that money was restricted to something like cage purchases or a construction project.

National organizations like the Humane Society often send their money elsewhere.  Staley says, "when you see them donate $18 or $19 dollars a month, you are not directly helping your local shelter".  Groups like the Humane Society and ASPCA spend a lot of money on lobbying for federal animal welfare laws, grant money, or saving endangered animals around the world.

The Kanawha shelter gets money from the county and municipalities for animal control services, but half their funding is donations from people like you.  Staley says the problems that we have are this county's problems and it will take the entire county to dig us out of that.

The Kanawha Charleston Humane Association will also donate food to families that are struggling financially in order to keep their pets in the home.