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6 Effective Herbs to Lose Weight

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The main manifestation of obesity is the extra meat on the bones, which is the direct result of sedentary lifestyles, high calorie foods. So, how to lose weight without side effects? Among all the people who want to lose weight, some may wish to take herb diet pills like fruta planta, while others may wish to use a special regimen like drinking tea with the following 6 effective herbs.

1. Orange Peel:

Orange peel can help enhance digestion, remove flatulence and reduce abdominal fat. Careful friends will find it in many weight-loss formulations such as reduce weight fruta planta. Orange peel is a warm herb. It works better with slightly cold herbs such as cassia seed and Lotus leaf.

Please remember orange peel is not fresh orange peel. They are the same thing, but are very different in nature. Fresh orange peel contains more volatile oil and doesn’t have the medicinal effect of pericarpium citri reticulatae. The volatile oil of pericarpium citri reticulatae significantly reduced after every other year, while its flavonoids will relatively increase, this is when the medicinal value of orange peel are revealed. In addition, fresh orange peel are often coated with pesticides and preservations that are harmful to human health, drinking water soaked with fresh orange may cause adverse healthy effects!

2. Fennel:

Fennel can prevent obesity, as it is diuretic, diaphoretic and able to clear waste in the subcutaneous fat.

Note: This is not the fennel that we eat in fennel dumpling, it is the seed of a perennial herb “sweet fennel”.

3. Roselle

Roselle has the function of detoxification and dropsy elimination. It is diuretic and able to break down excessive body fat by promoting choleresis.

4. Rosemary:

Rosemary can promote the blood circulation, lower cholesterol and inhibit fat.

5. Roses:

Roses are good for beauty and slimming. They promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and adjust endocrine.

6. Cassia Seed:

Cassia Seed, an essential ingredient in famous diet pills like fruta planta pills promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, clears the body, reduce blood fat and blood pressure.

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