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Family catches graveyard robbers on camera in Dawes, WV

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Brandy Gray and her sister Margaret Moore were sick of visiting their father Clifford Moore's grave and discovering their decorative solar lights were disappearing. Margaret Moore recalls, "we've left the hill several times crying because they took so much stuff".

It's been happening ever since Clifford Moore was buried three years ago at Mt. Hope cemetery in Dawes, WV. It's a place where many families keep the memories of loved ones alive.

After two years of decorations vanishing without a trace, the family had enough and set a trap in the trees. They installed a trail camera. It took a year to finally catch the culprits in the act. They got pictures of people taking their lights in broad daylight. Those pictures were turned over to the state police who tell us the thieves are a brother and sister pair. Police say they have admitted to stealing from the grave and will be charged with petit larceny.

The lack of security at cemeteries often make them an easy target. Margaret says their father's grave isn't the only one at Mt. Hope that has been robbed. The value of what was stolen from the grave of Clifford Moore has added up over the years. Gray says solar lights are expensive and the total value of stolen property is more than $500.

Yet, it isn't the money that matters most to the family; it's justice. Gray says it's disrespectful to steal from a dead person. She explains the items they decorate her father's grave with are not there to comfort the living, instead those items are for her father.

The family is relieved that police finally believe they know who is responsible.