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WVU and Marshall Presidents come together to discuss issues of higher education in the state

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HUNTINGTON, WV - The rivalry was set aside for a few hours on Tuesday, June 3 as WVU's President E. Gordon Gee and Marshall University (MU) President Stephen Kopp were on the MU campus to discuss the affordability of higher education in the state.

The cost of going to college in West Virginia keeps going up. At Marshall in-state students are paying over $6,200 in tuition and fees this year. And at WVU, it's just over $6,400 hundred dollars. Both presidents of WV's institutions of higher learning are looking for ways to keep college affordable.

"We are going to have to rethink higher education to make sure we improve education and moderate cost and the squeeze on middle class is real." said E. Gordon Gee, WVU's President.

The other big issue at hand, keeping recent grads interested in staying in the state. "What we can do is create the type of opportunities to keep people in the state, especially people better educated. We talked to graduates they want to stay here and part of our responsibility is to keep people in state," said Stephen Kopp, Marshall University's President.

And the only way to achieve these goals for WV... Doing what they are now... Coming together as leaders of the universities to force the issue

"I would suggest that the next time legislative session is around you're going to find us working very closely together with issues with the legislature and I would hope that when WVU and Marshall come together and talk about what's important we will get a lot of response from people in the legislature," said President Kopp.