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Jackson County, WV mother concerned about bullies

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Ripley, WV -

A mother from Jackson County, WV is struggling to help her 14 year old daughter who she says has threatened to take her own life several times because of constant bullying.

"She has been told to just kill herself drink bleach she wasn't worth living. She was ugly fat and she is all of 95 pounds," said parent Sara Chase.

Her voice quivers whenever she talks about her daughter and the things she says have happened to her at Ripley Middle School.

She said the bullying started when her daughter was in the 6th grade. The bullies are mostly girls harassing her in school and on the internet.

"She has two journals full of suicide notes," Chase said. "At 14 you shouldn't want to die."

Chase pulled her daughter out of school for medical treatment for issues she said were brought on by bullying.

"I got a phone call that they were putting vulgar stuff on the walls while the poor thing was gone," Chase said. "She wasn't talking to them. She wasn't doing anything to hurt them."

13 News spoke to Jackson County Schools Assistant Superintendent Jay Carnell. He can't speak about specific students but said they do follow up on bullying complaints.

"We take every report that comes to us seriously and do investigate each one that comes in to us," Carnell said.

Chase said so far her complaints have done little to help.

"When she can't go to her school safely without being jumped on by other girls that is bullying," Chase said. "My daughter doesn't want me to do this but I told her one voice can move mountains and I have to try."

School officials in Jackson County said any discipline against a bully is kept private to protect the student's privacy. And as part of their policy, they don't tell parents of the bullied student whether any action has been taken.