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Elliott County, KY ambulance service facing criminal charges

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ELLIOTT COUNTY, KY - If you can't trust a first responder, like a paramedic, who can you trust?

Emergency responders with the Elliott County Ambulance Service in KY are facing criminal charges and a civil suit involving the alleged sexual assault of a teenage girl they were taking to a local hospital.

The teenager has filed a lawsuit, and says she is in emotional distress.

The civil suit says that last December, at an Elliott County High School girls basketball game, the 15-year-old player went up for a rebound and came down on her head. 

Her attorney says the Elliott County Ambulance medics would not let the female assistant coach ride in the back with her injured player.

Attorney John Vincent says: "I think with a minor child an exception should apply, especially one away from her parent and her home."

EMT Casey Berry was in the back, Nicholas Porter was driving. Attorney Vincent says without medical reason, berry began cutting the patient's clothing off

John Vincent: "They cut off her jersey, her sports bra, and ultimately cut off her shorts that she was wearing as part of her uniform. In the case of a minor, It's very very inappropriate."

Vincent says while Berry was cutting of clothing, co-defendant Porter, the driver,  was intentionally taking the long way around to the Our Lady of Bellefonte ER

According to attorneys, an ER doctor,was extremely concerned when the ambulance patient arrived in a state of almost complete undress.

Ambulance service director Homer Lewis,  also named in the civil suit, says accusations like this will not be tolerated.

"There was suspensions made but those are still current," said Lewis.

Lewis says Casey Berry, who also faces misdemeanor criminal mischief and misconduct charges, surrendered his EMT licence and is off the squad. He says driver Nicholas Porter is still working .

Vincent says Kentucky law defines Berry's action as sexual assault and voyeurism.  He says the girl continues to suffer from a violation of personal and public trust.

The incident is now under investigation by both the Kentucky State Police and the State Ambulance Licensing Board.