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Family forced to live in motel after fire destroys Jefferson, WV home

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"I've cried so much I can't even cry anymore," said Shannon Brown.

She's reacting to a fire early Saturday morning, June 14, that burned down their home in Jefferson, West Virginia that her husband, two young daughters and cat lived in.

"I just went into shock. There isn't anything anyone could have done. I just tried to get my husband and my cat out and I got them out safe," she said.

Her kids were at her mom's at the time of the fire.  The family had just moved into the trailer at the end of May. Now, with help from the Red Cross they're living at the Motel 6 in Kanawha City, West Virginia and it's the memories which she lost in the fire that choke her up.

"That's all my kids stuff, that's all I had and now it's gone. The pictures meant a lot to me. My dad's pictures, my mom's pictures, my little girls' pictures, they are all gone. You can't replace them, but you can replace everything else," Brown said.

Brown is on Social Security and her husband finds work when he can. Her fear is once their time runs out at the hotel, they'll be homeless.

"I don't have anywhere to go and neither does my husband except the streets," she said. 

And with daughters six and eight-years-old that option scares her.