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Man arrested after leaving baby in car in Quincy, WV

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QUINCY, WV - A man is in jail after police say he left his child unattended in a car while going shopping at Rite Aid.

Troopers with West Virginia State Police arrested Joshua Eric Hancock and charged him with child neglect causing risk of injury. Officers say Hancock locked his 4-month-old baby in the car with the engine running. Store employees say he had been inside the pharmacy for about 15 minutes before they called the police.

Troopers say when they confronted Hancock about leaving the baby in the car, he said it was too much of a hassle to bring the child inside. One of the officers offered to call a tow truck to unlock the car, but Hancock told police that would be too expensive and asked to call AAA instead. State police say they hope the arrest sends a strong message to other potential offenders.

“If you are going to have children, be responsible, or find someone else responsible enough to take care of them,” said Sgt. Larry O’Bryan.