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West Virginia road work in danger

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CHARLESTON, WV - West Virginia is no stranger to pot holes, construction sites, and bridge repairs. While these projects can be stressful, they are necessary to keep roads across the state in shape. With money running low in the Federal Highway Trust Fund, construction around West Virginia is in danger of being called off.

The Federal Highway Trust Fund provides money for around 40% of the construction projects across West Virginia. With money pouring out of that account, funds are expected to plummet by the beginning of August. This will leave many projects in the state at a standstill. 

A Transportation Infrastructure Summit was held in Charleston, WV on Monday to discuss how to continue this years road work season. Several West Virginia officials were present at the summit and spoke passionately about the states infrastructure. "We will not let low funding slow down or stop construction in West Virginia" says Democratic Congressman Nick Rahall. 

The current plan is to find funding through pension smoothing, this will provide enough money to push the state through this years construction season. While a temporary fix solves the short term worries, a long term plan is needed to stop this reoccurring funding issue. 

"We will run into this issue every year if something more isn't done" says Democratic U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller. While a long term fix seems to be out of reach, a plan has been proposed on a national level. 

The Grow America Act is a proposed bill that if passed would solve the recurring issue of funding with national infrastructure. Democratic National Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx is in support of the bill. "If this makes it through it would not only fill the fund, but provide enough for even more construction in West Virginia", says Secretary Foxx.

The Grow America Act is funded by supplementing current revenues with $150 billion in a one-time transition revenue from pro-growth business tax reform.

While the bill is the obvious solution to the funding issue, officials say it is unlikely to pass because of tension between the Republican and Democratic parties.