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Juvenile Drug Court offers gender-specific program to build self-esteem for WV girls in Boone and Lincoln counties

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Girls enrolled in the Boone and Lincoln, WV Juvenile Drug Court recently participated in a court-supervised, gender-specific self-esteem program.

Juvenile Drug Court emphasizes positive social activities and role models. The program was designed to boost their self-esteem by teaching them appropriate dress and makeup techniques.

Earlier this week the girls were taken to Sephora Cosmetics in JCPenney at the Town Center Mall in Charleston for make-overs and instruction on how to appropriately apply makeup. They also learned how to dress and present themselves for job interviews and professional working environments.

Staff from Juvenile Drug Court and the Tri-County Youth Report Center in Madison also treated the drug court participants to lunch at Outback.

Twenty-Fifth Judicial Circuit (Boone and Lincoln counties) Judge William Thompson, who oversees the program in Boone County, said it’s important to emphasize both gender-specific and self-esteem programs in juvenile drug court.

“Boone County is a very poor area, and low self-esteem in kids is a large part of the drug problem it eventually leads to,” he said. “We can’t ignore this fact or pretend that punishments correct the problem. Pro-social people, places, and things are the key.”

Drug Courts are spread across West Virginia and operated by the West Virginia Supreme County of Appeals’ Division of Probation Services. Each court is administered by a local judge and addresses local issues. The intensive supervision program has three phases and a graduation. Participants must attend treatment provided by the West Virginia Division of Juvenile Services and see a judicial officer weekly. They must attend school and submit to drug screens.