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Be Ready For Any Emergency: New Website Offers Survival Gear and Supplies

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A new website hopes to help promote the culture of preparedness especially in times of disasters and emergencies. offers survival gear and supplies ranging from survival kits and emergency flashlights to pet survival

August 20, 2014

Navarre, U.S.A – /PressCable/

Navarre, Florida (August 13, 2014) – Disaster and emergency preparedness are terms that many people tend to disregard unless they actually happen.

“A lot of people never actually believe that they will experience an emergency situation until they’re in one,” Brad Riley, the company founder said. “The best defense against a disaster or an emergency situation is preparedness. Having the basic survival supplies is a great way to start and in the event of a real emergency, can really mean the difference between life and death.”

Disaster management and survival experts consistently and strongly advise the preparation of survival kits for possible emergency situations. In fact, acquiring or “building a kit” is one of our vital steps to preparing for disasters and emergencies. To help make it easier for people to prepare for these types of unexpected events, a new website now offers pre-packaged survival kits and individual tools for different types of emergency situations. American Survival Shop is a website that carries products like survival food, survival kits, pet survival kits, emergency flashlights and tools, and emergency radios.

According to Brad, American Survival Shop caters to people who want to invest in disaster and emergency protection, and to those who are engaging in high-risk outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and trekking.

“Our roster of products is specifically designed to help ensure survival in an emergency situation,” he added. “As an example, our survival food kits are nitrogen-packed and encased in durable plastic containers so the contents remain intact and edible despite rough external conditions. In fact, our food kits have a 25-year shelf life so you don’t need to replenish your stock often.”

American Survival Shop’s survival food kits come in packs for one, two and four persons. Customers can also choose food kits based on anticipated duration of an emergency situation.

Its survival kits—categorized into basic, elite and deluxe—contain tools, supplies and provisions designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry, and follows guidelines by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.

For instance, the deluxe survival kit, with a shelf life of five years, includes food (calorie bars) and water (including water purification tablets); light and communications tools such as AM/FM radio, emergency candles, survival whistle and waterproof matches; shelter and warmth supplies such as sleeping bags and hooded ponchos; handy tools such as a multi-function knife and NIOSH-approved respirator dust masks; hygiene and sanitation supplies; first aid kit; and other useful items such as a note pad, an infectious waste bag and even a deck of playing cards for entertainment. For pet owners, a specially designed pet survival kit is also available.

Custom kits are also available for children, and for specific situations such as blackouts, tornado, hurricane, wildfire, and for hunting trips. In addition, the survival shop website offers an array of emergency radios, emergency flashlights and tools for all types of emergency use.

“Emergency preparedness is for everyone because, as history has taught us, you can never really tell when you’ll be in one,” Brad said. “It is always important, and should be a top priority for every individual, home and family, and that’s our mission here at American Survival Shop. As the saying goes, always better safe than sorry.”

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